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We advise to use this page for listing your shipping options.

These informations are very important. They reassure customers who don't you. You can then show that you propose services with all largest players.


Enter the fees and main information for each shipping option that you offer. You can use a detailed table to display shipping times, fees, restrictions (no delivery to certain countries), etc.

We recommend carefully defining your shipping charges. If they're too high, they may cause you to lose sales.

Note: The following table is only an example. You must adapt it to the shipping options you propose on your website. You can easily add, delete or modify rows as needed.

Order Value

Orders below £20.00

Orders below £45.00

Orders below £65.00

Orders above £65.00

Delivery time

up to 4 working days

up to 4 working days

up to 5 working days

up to 7 working days

Price excludes VAT